Nicholson Lane Revitalization

The Laneway Project is working with St. Lawrence neighbourhood residents, local businesses and organizations such as the St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood BIA, St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, Canadian Opera Company, Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres, Canadian Stage, St. Lawrence Daycare and Jamii Esplanade to transform Nicholson Lane from a utilitarian space into a beautiful, safe and appealing shared place.

Community members have prioritized the addition of space and infrastructure for community-led activation (both passive and programmed), multi-modal safety and traffic management measures, art by local artists, pedestrian-friendly lighting for safety and character, and greening that softens the space and ties into existing programs at the adjacent St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre.

News and Next Steps

  • View the Draft Master Plan

  • Attend the Master Plan Review Workshop - 6:30-8:30pm, Thursday, November 8, St. Lawrence Community Rec Centre, Multi-Purpose Room.

  • Let us know your thoughts using the Master Plan Review Form - open until Thursday, November 22

Thanks to Michael Thorek for generously sponsoring the planning phase of this project, and to the Public Space Incubator grant for providing seed funding for its implementation.

If you’d like to support the implementation of the Nicholson Lane revitalization, please donate here, or email us at to request a comprehensive sponsorship package.