Our Master Plans provide communities with a detailed plan for achieving their laneway vision.  

We work closely with local stakeholders to understand what they love about their laneway and what changes they would like to see. Then we develop a plan that includes specific actions and resources to help them achieve that vision.  Each plan is locally specific but contains a wealth of information for any community who wants to transform their laneway. 

Reggae Lane Master Plan

Reggae Lane is a commercial laneway located in Little Jamaica, near Eglinton and Dufferin.   The neighbourhood is currently undergoing significant change with the construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, scheduled for completion in 2020. This Master Plan aims to tap into and build on the momentum generated by this change. The Plan works to effect a complete transformation of Reggae Lane into a safe and vibrant part of the neighbourhood’s public realm. Read the Plan.

CCBG Laneway Master Plan

The CCBG laneway is a quiet residential laneway in Little Portugal. The laneway is generally well-kept, and residents of the neighbourhood currently use it as a place to gather and play, as well as to access their garages.  Many residents believe the laneway could be doing much more as a shared community space and formed a group to develop this plan with our support. Read the Plan.