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Turning Laneways into Public Places

Analysis Framework and Toolkit

Developing a better understanding of Toronto’s more than 2400 public laneways, and improving them in ways that are well-suited to the key characteristics and contexts of each one, helps to create a high-quality and diverse public space network as our neighbourhoods grow, change and intensify.

This toolkit is intended as a guide to enable anyone to understand and make improvements to a laneway. It lays out a process for analyzing your laneway and identifying its type based on its physical characteristics, and identifies revitalization strategies and actions that tend to be most effective in each laneway type.

Whether coordinating an entire laneway revitalization or simply making a small improvement to your nearest laneway, we encourage you to use this guide as a resource and inspiration.

This toolkit was created in collaboration with Dr. Shelagh McCartney of +together design and City Planning at Ryerson University.