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Re: the unauthorized painting that occured in the Ossington laneway on the afternoon of September 11

We are as frustrated as those whose property has been affected, the artists whose original mural work was covered, and community members who've appreciated their work.

Following a months-long community consultation process, the original scope of the approved mural work on the rear of properties along Ossington Ave and Brookfield St was limited to 7 properties; new light fixtures were requested on three properties and new planter gardens on one. A project map showing where the different improvements were to be located, and a spreadsheet detailing the addresses, approved surfaces, and property owner parameters for the 7 murals were provided by us to the Curator that was hired to manage the mural installations.

Instead of proceeding as directed, the Artist contracted by the Curator proceeded to paint 26 murals in complete disregard of our instructions, the wishes of local residents, and the existing work of talented local muralists.

We recognize that although this happened contrary to our instructions, it’s our responsibility as the project lead to make it right. We fired the Curator immediately upon learning what the Artist had done, and have since been working as fast as we can to resolve the situation, in communication with local residents and the artists whose work was painted over.

Our team will be offering the following restoration services;

1. Repainting of brick, concrete block and fascia boards to a uniform colour per property owner parameters.

2. Painting of new murals on garage doors per property owner parameters, to replace the ones that were illicitly begun on September 11.