Ramsden Park Road

Ramsden Park Road runs along the northeastern edge of Ramsden Park, near Rosedale subway station.

While it is currently in quite good repair, the roadway is very functional in character. It currently serves predominantly as a service corridor, providing access to the park for pedestrians, service vehicles and cyclists, access to private garages for the residents of Gibson Avenue to the north, and public parking for visitors to the park and neighbourhood.

An opportunity exists to improve Ramsden Park Road, in parallel with the current revitalization of Ramsden Park.

In 2016, The Laneway Project worked with local residents and business owners to develop a master plan for the space in order to communicate their vision for its future; this master plan will open a dialogue with staff at the Transportation Services division and will catalyse the transformation of Ramsden Park Road into a space to be proud of.