The Laneway Project & Doors Open Toronto - May 24

The Laneway Project Co-Founder Michelle Senayah is part of Doors Open panel being held this Sunday outside at Fort York Visitors Centre.

The panel, Rethinking It looks at how we can make Toronto's public spaces work harder.

More Info:

Toronto is a dynamic place – constantly growing, intensifying and evolving. Our public realm is where Torontonians come together to meet one another and share in the public life of the city, and there are a growing number of organizations finding new ways to design and use the city's streets, squares, parks and laneways.

This talk will examine five innovative public space projects currently underway in Toronto – the Pan Am Path, the Green Line, Open Streets TO, Not Far From The Tree and The Laneway Project – followed by a discussion of the exciting future of Toronto's public realm.


Annabel Vaughan, Principal, publicLAB

James Gen Meers, BA, MA,Executive Director, Friends of the Pan Am Path 

Helena Grdadolnik,  BES, M.Arch, MRAIC, Director, Workshop Architecture

Emily Munroe, BA, Int’l PMC, Executive Director, 8-80 Cities, Co-Founder & Board Member, Open Streets TO

Laura Reinsborough, BES, MES, Founder & Director, Not Far From The Tree

Michelle Senayah, HBAS, MUDS, LEED AP, SEED, Principal, Senayah Design; Co-Founder & Director of Programming, Open Streets TO,  Co-Founder & Co-Director, The Laneway Project

Presented in Partnership with Senayah Design

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